Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quantum and Pris (QTM and PRIS)

Well, if you bought these stocks (as I did) after my last post, you won.  PRIS closed at $4.15 on September 23, day of the last post, and has gone as high as $5.02 since then.  QTM:  closed at $1.80 on September 23 and closed today at $2.32.  This bad news/good news cycle just keeps going.  The question is when will it end.  Not soon.  There is so much bad news out there because our economic system has revealed deep flaws, among them an inability to put people back to work (or increase wages over time -- a worse problem).  The good news is also assured, as policy makers try to save their skins by continually announcing new solutions to our angst.  The trick right now is avoiding one of two fates.  The first is being fully invested if the half-solutions of the world's economic leadership result in a next time down, such as we saw in late 2008.  The second is that somehow, despite the bungling, things actually right themselves and you're not fully invested when the markets surge upward and stay there for some time.  Right now, the former possibility worries me quite a bit more than the latter.

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