Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I've been laying low for a while without much activity, just watching things play out in Europe.  I made some money on PRIS but, once it shot up, I got out.  Too much volatility.  Only purchase since I last checked in has been MGM.  Bought it at $9.60 because I felt we were on edge of a positive news cycle at the time and I believe that investors are waiting to pour into casino stocks at the first sign of a turn in the economy.  Not that I believe the US economy is actually turning in any meaningful way.  In any event, MGM has been up to $10.50 or so but I decided to just hang in and now it's back down today to around $9.80.  I don't particularly love MGM but it was below $10 in the right sector, at the right time.  Now we'll see if I missed my window on it. 

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