Monday, September 24, 2012

Corning (GLW): I'll be Watching

There is an interesting article on Corning and its focus on R&D in today's Wired magazine online.  The link follows.  The last time I recall Wired doing a piece like this was on MolyCorp (MCP), miner of rare earth metals.  The MolyCorp article portrayed the company ready to skyrocket because of the scarcity of rare earth metals in the West (as opposed to China) and MCP's purported lock on rare earth metals mining.  MCP did skyrocket -- for about a day.  It then proceeded to lose about half its value in a stunningly short period of time.  Today's Corning article makes a compelling case for the company as the type of R&D focused enterprise worth investing in.  We shall see how the stock performs in the aftermath of this article...

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