Monday, August 13, 2012

A Crack in My Love of Google

I regularly tout Google as the long-term winner of our current tech battleground.  There is its search dominance, its ownership of Youtube (one of the most valuable media properties ever created in my opinion), and Android, just to name a few assets.  Not to mention that it's pushing the envelope in server design and snapping up small tech outfits, one of which might turn out to be a goliath.  Yet, there are some cracks in the facade.  Google has shown something of  a disregard for privacy rights and there are comments like these from programmers, which worry me:

"Google does have an office in Manhattan. You should definitely apply there - I don't think it's an interesting company to work for anymore (and their recruiters are second only to Facebook's in how pathetically desperate they seem when they contact me), but the interview process is really fun."

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Hmmm... anecdotal but troubling if programmers no longer find Google interesting. 

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